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Geographical condition and growth environ-ment of Taiwan are in conformity with Atlantis
On the island of Atlantis, Plato narrated that there were the cliffy coast and high mountains and lofty peaks stretching to every where, and there were grass and trees growing prosperity in broad beautiful plain, and abounded with marsh, rivers and creeks, and also abounded with various plants and animals. In there the climate was such that two harvests were possible each year.
Taiwan Island appearing in the sea is from the Philippine marine plate and Eurasia plate pushing each other. The coast of the east of Taiwan is all precipitous cliffs. In there 2/3 land are mountain regions, and more than 200 mountains are more than 3,000 meters in height, and high mountains and lofty peaks stretch to every where. The plains abound with rivers, creeks and marsh. it are the grass and trees that grow prosperity, and the animals are various, biodiversity is 400 times of averages of other countries.
The temperature is high in the subtropical characteristic, and the rainfall is plentiful, so there are two harvests in one year and grass and trees grow prosperity. All of that accord with the content of Plato’s "Dialogues".
Once there were a great number of elephants in Taiwan
Plato narrated that the island of Atlantis provided all kinds of herbs, fruits, and nuts. An abundance of animals, including elephants, roamed the island.
 In Hsinhua hill region of Tainan, Chailiao River and some area in Taiwan have appeared a lot of huge elephant’s fossils, among them there are some Stegodons that have now already disappeared. These narrations all accord with Plato's content of "Dialogues".

The wild buffalo of ancient Taiwan exited in everywhere
Plato narrated that among ten kings of Atlantis, they had a kind of dangerous game to capture the buffalo l with staves and nooses, and cut its throat, and then it became sacrificial offering.
Taiwan was once the living place of wild buffalo, fishermen had salvaged two kinds of fossils of Bubalus Teilhardi and Bubalus Youngi in Peng-Fu Trench. Bovidae fossil has been excavated too in places such as Zuo-Zhen and Guan-Miao of Tainan County, etc., especially Chailiao River of Tainan County has been excavated a lot. The mostly fossils was at the middle Pleistocene Epoch. This characteristic corresponded with Plato’s Atlantis.