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Donnelly’s 13 propositions are in conformity with environment of Taiwan
1. Atlantis is quoted in the Atlantic Ocean by the mistake. From the clues of Solon, Atlantis is in the Pacific Ocean (Real Ocean) not Atlantic Ocean. Taiwan conforms to the remains of a large land in Pacific Ocean and is known to the ancient world.

2. According to Homer’s epic of ‘Iliad’, the experts find the remains of Trojan War at the Sparta in Greece that proves the mythology to be truthfulness. Most people think Plato’s story of Atlantis is true. According to the ancient books of China, Peng-Lai Fairyland is just Taiwan that is also true. Peng-Lai Fairyland is actually Atlantis.
3. Atlantis is human's earliest civilized place, i.e. Eden, its ruler is the Empire of Atlantis, namely the motherland of man, is in fact the Empire of the Sun that Churchward talked about, and according to the statement of this book the Empire of the Sun is in ancient Taiwan.
4. The Empire of the Sun sent emigrants in three routes and migrated to all the world to set up three colonized countries: the all parts of America were ruled by the Kharas Empire; Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and area of the Caspian Sea were ruled by the Uighur Empire; The areas of Mediterranean, Africa and Egypt were ruled by the Naga Empire. Actually the Atlantis Empire was the Empire of the Sun, and it disappeared in ancient Taiwan.