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 Scientist's textual research Antilia was Taiwan Island
In 1995 South University of Florida professor Robert Fuson’sLegendary Islands of the Ocean Sea unveiled a textual research of Antilia. According to its 4 arguments: size and form, main river mouth, five major rivers and characteristic of ocean coastline, and sand gold held in store and a lot of western islands was Peng-Fu Islands. He took a conclusion: Antilia, lying in real ocean, in fact was seen for the first time in the Pacific Ocean island of the western map ── Taiwan. So Fuson asserted Antilia that Atlantis remained was Taiwan Island.
The Capital site of the Empire of Atlantis should be near Suao Bay
1. Building materials of 3 color stone in Capital can be found near Suao.
According to “Dialogues”, stone was white, black and red at Poseidon. Stone was excavated from center island and land rings to form covered docking areas.

The most general colors of marble are white and black, its reserves in the eastern Taiwan are abundant that start from Suao in the north and stretch to Taitung long than 200 kilometers. Other stone is red Rose Stone, produced in the riverbed of Liwu River, south of Suao nearby. 
In the eastern Taiwan near Suao, abounds with stone materials: White marble (left); Black serpentine (marble) (middle); Red rose stone (right). There are the stone materials that accord with the building colors in the Capital of Atlantis.