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The interpretation of Plato’s “Dialogue”: Atlantis was exactly Taiwan
Greek poet Solon proposed 16 clues to Atlantis
1. 9560 B.C. 
2. Change in the path of the sun suddenly.
3. Worldwide earthquakes of extraordinary violence.
4. Overwhelming worldwide floods.
5. A large-sized island.
6. Continent is larger than Libya and Asia Minor.
7. High above sea level.
8. Numerous high mountains.
9. Impressive cliffs rising sharply from the ocean.
10. Other islands around. 
11. Abundant mineral resources.
12. On the known world edge.
13. In a distant point in the “Atlantic” ocean.
14. The  true  continent  completely  surrounds  the real ocean.
15. In the “Real Ocean”.
16. The Mediterranean Sea is only a bay of the real ocean. 
亞特蘭提斯就是台灣的解讀 ~
16 clues of Solon are in conformity with environment of Taiwan
Item 1: This time corresponded with the volcanic eruption of the northern Snow Mountain in Taiwan that produced landslide and caused mega-tsunami to destroy the Empire of the Sun about 12,000 years ago that was in conformity with the clue of Solon: 9560 B.C.
Item 2: A comet fell on the earth 12,900 years ago that caused a millennium of Younger Dryas. The time was similar to the clue of Solon: Change in the path of the sun suddenly. Actually the path of the Earth doesn’t change.
Item 3 and 4: The volcanic eruption took place at the northeast corner of Taiwan with the crushing earthquake and following incident of mega-tsunami that was in conformity with the clue of Solon.
Item 5: Taiwan is a large-scale island, in conformity with clue of Solon. 
Item 6: Atlantis is a large island of the huge area, and the modern scientist confirms that this large island never exists in the Atlantic Ocean. When Colombo found the New World in 1492, the explorers thought vast America was Atlantis. According to the book of “The lost Continent of Mu” describes, America is the colony ruled by a civilization country of Empire of the Sun in 12,000 years ago. The army attacked Greece of Europe should come from the Empire of the Sun. But the Empire of the Sun should be disappearance in Taiwan.
Item 7 and 8: Taiwan is a large-scale island. Its mountain region accounts for 2/3 of area, and there are more than 200 mountains over 3,000 meters high that is certainly in conformity with the clues of Solon.