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The land of Mu is not in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
From the perspective of marine geology, except coastal continental shelf, the marine depth in the Pacific Ocean exceeds 1,000 meters; the position of Churchward’s Mu-Land is deeper and there is never any continent existed. According to geologic perspective, if the seabed of coral reef descends at a rate of 3 cm/k yr in common, in 10,000 years only 30 cm drop. So, the land of Mu is not in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The land of Mu should be near Ryukyu and Taiwan
As for geology, on the Pacific Ocean, there are only regions along Japan, Ryukyu, Taiwan and the coasts of South and North America will take place violent volcanic eruption and earthquake in ancient times, and Churchward’s Land of Mu is in the safety area should be excluded. Because change of the earth's crust with several million year or several ten million year as an unit go on, so the state several ten thousand years ago should be limited with the modern difference. Along the coasts of South and North America have not found any sunken continent, so volcanic eruption and sunken continent may happen near Japan, Ryukyu or Taiwan.