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5. In the age of the Atlantis Empire in the true Antediluvian world, the aboriginal in Taiwan had abundant produce; they dwelt for ages in peace and happiness. Certainly the people in later age should name the different title as Eden, Asgard…etc., representing a universal memory of the great land. These above-mentioned situations show the so-called Atlantis is actually ancient Taiwan.
6. The Empire of Atlantis was Sun-worship that meant it was the Empire of the Sun. Both ancient Greece and North Europe were the colonies of the Empire of the Sun, just the kings, queens, and heroes of Atlantis became deification that was very normal to legend. Atlantis was actually the ancient Taiwan.
7. The mythology of Egypt and Peru represented the original religion ‘Sun-worship’ of Atlantis. There are many remains and totems of Sun-worship till now in Egypt and Peru, which was the colonized country of the Empire of the Sun. The Atlantis Empire was Sun-worship that implied it was the Empire of the Sun and was in ancient Taiwan. 
8. Egypt divides into two religious sects: the east and the west each claim its ancestor comes from the eastern and western continent. In fact there is just the same “the continent of Mu”. Certainly the civilization of Egypt came from the Empire of the Sun in the land of Mu and it was once the colony of the Empire of the Sun, according to ‘the lost continent of Mu’. So, we can infer Atlantis is the land of Mu, not only the Egyptian civilization was reproduced from Atlantis that is to say the reappearing of ancient civilization of Taiwan.
9. In March 2005, the accurate mold of bronze ware and iron ware were dug out in remains of Jiu Xiang Lan of Taidung in Taiwan. From the mold the archaeologists infer Taiwanese aboriginal had craft civilization technology that a factory produced in a large amount early, so the technology of bronze ware and ironware in Europe should spread in ancient times from people of Taiwan, who what was so called the Atlanteans.

10. Certainly the alphabets of Phoenician, Mayas and all the European came from the motherland —— the Atlantis Empire, which was the Empire of the Sun. The ancient aboriginal of Taiwan had ancient writing that the Empire of the Sun left over, and was earlier than the Xia era of China (2000 B.C.) in the past. So the true features of the ancient alphabets of the world should spread from ancient Taiwanese since the Empire of the Sun.
11. The area of Indo-European family of nations, Semitic peoples and Turanian races were the colonies under the Empire of the Sun. Atlantis was the original seat of these nations, which were under the Empire of Atlantis that meant both the empire were the same one. So, this empire was the Empire of the Sun in the land of Mu and it was found in ancient Taiwan.
12. 12,000 years ago, North section of Snow Mountains in Taiwan volcanic eruption, landslide produced, in the wide mountain region of Ilan coast at northeast corner of Taiwan up to 800 km2 avalanched into the sea. The capital Poseidonia in seashore fell into Pacific Ocean sea floor, and then the descendant thought Atlantis sank into the sea by mistake. In fact the Taiwan island and with whole resident did not sink into the ocean and become extinct, but just the survived people recognized by mistake that's it.

13. The landslide of Snow Mountains in Taiwan caused mega-tsunami, and its wave was up to more than several hundred meters high, certainly it formed the global appalling catastrophe, so just there were lucky survivors from a holocaust of a few residents, fled from cataclysm in the different nations of the old and new worlds. Some aboriginal of the whole world later spread the ancient legend of cataclysm to reach us.
The above-mentioned 13 propositions are admitted by masses, but except article 1: ‘Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean’ is quoted by the mistake; other propositions mostly conform with environments  of  Taiwan;  especially  in  March 2005 in the east coast of Taiwan archaeologists already found the accurate molds of ancient bronze ware and ironware that were in conformity with article 9, so we can assert: 'Atlantis was ancient Taiwan'.


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